Violate the Party-List law, we will sue you in court

February 27, 2010

Violate the Party-List law, we will sue you in court, Arroyo, Angie Reyes told

SENATORIAL CANDIDATE and lawyer JV Bautista dared the President’s son Mikey Arroyo and Energy Department head Angelo Reyes to run as party-list nominees in the coming May elections.

Party-list groups 1-UTAK and Ang Galing Pilipino (AGP) are reportedly eyeing Reyes and Arroyo as nominees. They have until March 31 to file their list of nominees before the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Bautista, a former party-list representative of Sanlakas said, “The 1987 Constitution provided for party-list representation in Congress to ensure the voice of the poor and marginalized sectors in the drafting of laws. Sadly, the enabling law for this Constitutional provision – Republic Act 7941, the Party-list Law – did not guard against its misuse as backdoor entry for ‘trapos’ (traditional politicians) and government officials, who seek congressional positions but not through election in their respective congressional districts.”

“How can Reyes and Arroyo claim to be representatives of the marginalized sectors of society? Mikey Arroyo is a son of the incumbent president – the highest official in the land. Angie Reyes, in his stint as Energy Chief, has patently revealed that he represents the interests of the big oil firms. Reyes resisted government regulation of oil prices even when Malacanang ordered its control during the height of the Ondoy and Pepeng typhoons,” he averred.

“Let them try and violate the spirit of the Party-list law. We will sue them court. They would suffer the same fate as that of MAD (Mamamayan Ayaw sa Droga with actor Richard Gomez as nominee) who ran in 1998 but was disqualified after the elections,” he concluded. -30-


One Response to Violate the Party-List law, we will sue you in court

  1. Miguelito Levardo says:

    Backdoor entry to congress through partylist is legal. No law prohibits. The problem is the marginalized sector welcomes financial sponsors. In return, the partylist is being used as the cheapest way to the congress. There’s no law enacted to prohibit the elite’s participation in the partylist. The elite in the partylist represents the minority in the partylist as it is in the country. But the elite controls because of his financial influence to the campaign. If only there will be bounds on how the partylist shall campaign, then setup will not be abused to catapult the elite to congress.

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