Magdalo lawyer on preventing “kudeta”

February 25, 2010

Magdalo lawyer advises next president on the prevention of “kudeta” and military uprisings

Lawyer and senatorial candidate JV Bautista offered an unsolicited advice today to the country’s next president regarding the prevention of coup d’ etats and military uprisings.
Bautista stood as counsel to Magdalo soldiers. The group has endorsed his candidacy for senator.

Steps to prevent coup d’ etat

The lawyer explained, “Stamp out corruption in the military. This is the first decisive step for the prevention of military uprisings. Instead of appeasing a few rotten tomatoes – especially those in the top brass – the next commander-in-chief must instead divert the funds to improve the lives of our rank-and-file soldiers and their families”.

“Next is to exercise utmost judiciousness in the promotion of military officials. While promotion is a sole prerogative of the president as Chief Commander, it must be based on merit, good character and performance; not on mere loyalty to chief executive,” he added.

Arroyo and military discontent

“The Arroyo regime fanned the embers of discontent in the military rank and file not only because it favored a cabal of officials who switched loyalties at the height of Edsa Dos. More so, it was beholden to those who masterminded the electoral fraud in the 2004 elections. The ‘Hello Garci’ scandal incriminated several generals who rigged the elections in Mindanao,” he clarified.

Workers and Peasants in uniform

“Lastly, the new regime should address the poverty of the people. Military discontent is not only a part of the general discontent of the public. More so, it is an extension of the restlessness of toiling masses since soldiers are workers and peasants in uniform,” he concluded. -30-


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